Don’t Assume Anything

Over the weekend I worked overtime and was wearing a Cleveland Browns T-shirt to celebrate the start to football season. Naturally, since it was a t-shirt, it was not skin tight, which is how I like my t-shirts, they are just more comfortable that way.

Unfortunately, for me it was baggy in the wrong places. A co-worker said “your stomach is sticking out, are you expecting?”

Wow. I know I have gained weight over the years, but I never thought it was so much that I look like I am pregnant. This really upset me. This co-worker does not even know me. What if I was one of the women out there unable to have children, what if I was trying for a long time and it just wasn’t happening, what if I was but didn’t want to tell anyone yet? She had no consideration that any of those options could be a possibility in my life.

I am planning on losing weight. Especially after this horrible comment.

It always seems that something horrible happens or is said for people to get motivation to change things, and I really believe this now.

I am expecting  to become a healthier adult for good and when that special time comes of expecting a child, my body will be ready for it!



For the past week I have been watching season 1 & 2 of a show
called One Tree Hill. I have watched this show from the beginning, which started in 2003, when I was 18. It just reminds me of those days when friends had the same work schedules and we were able to hang out all the time.

Now as I am older I find myself more alone. I really wish I could go back to those days when people were always available to be with.

Where did the simplicity go?

Cleveland Magazine: East Fourth Street

Cleveland Magazine: East Fourth Street author speaks today at Pickwick and Frolic.

Number One

This is my first of many blog posts to come! I’ve decided to be one of ‘those people’ and write about a bunch of different things going on in my life. The main thing I plan to write about is my weight loss journey I started today. My weight gain, over the last few years especially, has really gotten to me. When I was younger, I never needed to worry about my weight or even exercise. Then once good ‘ol college came around, things changed. I have been with the same man for 8 years now, , which did not help with my weight issues. He always has and always will love me no matter what, which makes it difficult for me to lose weight. Gaining this weight has scared me, because I do not want to become sick or feel like crap anymore.


Today I woke up early and just got up and headed to the gym. I feel that I do have more energy after just working out for about an hour. It’s a good feeling. I want to continue going to the gym, daily if I can.


Today starts the beginning of my weight loss journey.